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Sunday, December 13, 2015

There's a new old chip in town.

OLD, well  the chips have been around for awhile now, NEW because I just ate my first bag last week. 

I give them a thumbs up while dieting, if you bite into one expecting it to taste like your favorite chip, you are going to be very sad. 
   To me they in no way taste like a high fat chip or even a baked chip for that matter. BUT what they do have, that the other chips don't is NO high fat, NO high carbohydrate and zero sugar. They are loaded in protein 21grams a bag and a crunch that is straight from heaven.... 

That is what sells me on them, the crunch. Sometimes you just need that crunch while dieting.

Ok now for the bad news, they are price-E, looks like $ 2.50 a pack around my hometown. Good news is I got mine for $ 1.37 a pack, so I bought two cases of them. So how did you get them so cheap, Big Al? Well it appears the gym I go to was having a hard time selling the Sea Salt and Salt &Vinegar flavor.  It appears the Bar-B-Q and sour cream flavor sell just fine so no sell on them.

Finial thought, not sure if I would buy them at the full price of $ 2.50 a pack, but I think they are a steal at $ 1.37 a pack. I would give  Quest Protein Chip an 8 out of 10 rating, but remember I will eat most anything with HIGH protein in it...

Till next time
Big Al

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