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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chest, Traps, Neck and Calves... OH MY!

Love me some Saturday workouts at the gym. Started to pick back up the pace with the weights again... Yes, yes I've been going but not killing it like I plan for the next 12 weeks. 

Still suffering from my shoulder injury, but have decided to hold off on the surgery until after the next 12 weeks. As I can not even bench the bar, I have had to modify my chest workout greatly. But I can do it, I can work around the injury, I think?

Plan on working on some lagging body parts this year that I need to bring up. Legs, Traps, ABS, and neck.

Still not sure how to go about this blog... downloading photos takes time, so I'm thinking on the weekends and my days off I will post more photos and answer questions if anyone has any and keep it strictly to the point during the week days... I'm going to try and I'm saying try to post a blog post every day at least for the next 12 weeks. 

Just as a note, if you are checking out my blog on you cell phone you are NOT seeing the whole blog, as I will be posting my body weight, and a selfie daily. Not to mention I will be posting a lot of fitness links soon to come. If this is something that interest you just scroll to the bottom of each blog post and click on "VIEW WEB VERSION" then you will be able to see the entire blog.

Todays food:

BREAKFAST: two whole eggs, wheat toast, 1/2 serving of jelly, 2.1 ounces of ham (normally would not eat this but the wife had leftover from her meal) and yes I weigh everything. Pinch of shredded cheese. I like to get my fats in in the morning.

PRE-WORKOUT: Jacked 3-D, two scoops... Just as a side note this product has just got banned, so if you are looking for some eBay will be your only place to get it until supplies run out. Sniff, sniff.

LUNCH: 4 oz of 94/6 lean ground beef, 1/4 cup off white rice, 1/4 cup of brown rice, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, 1/2 cup of black beans, lots of hot sauce and to add protein 2.3 oz of grilled chicken.

SNACK: protein shake, two scoops of MTS Nutrition chocolate flavor, cup of spinach and one scoop of MTS Nutrition Greens + Multi (this is something new I'm trying, i'll give a review in another week or two) plus a cup and a half of water.

LAST MEAL: 3.2 oz of grilled chicken, one slice of pepper jack cheese, one bag of protein chips.

SNACK: Pure Protein bar


Chest: narrow grip cable flys
2x30x20 lbs
1x15x40 lbs
1x12x70 lbs
1x10x120 lbs
1x10x160 lbs
2x10x200 lbs

Chest: hammer strength wide grip press
2x12x135 lbs
1x12x225 lbs
1x10x315 lbs
1x4x385 lbs
Then I stripped a plate on each side, would do 8 reps pull two more plates 8 more until the machine was empty, no rest between sets (super set)

Chest: hammer strength incline press
this surprised me, the 135 felt light but I did not want to push my shoulder (maybe its healing a little)

Chest: wide grip cable crossovers 
1x20x40 lbs
1x14x60 lbs
2x10x80 lbs

CALVES: seated calf machine
1x20x45 lbs
3x15x95 lbs
took it easy on them, its been over a week since I worked them.

TRAPS: Hammer strength trap machine
5x15x90 lbs

Dumbbells shrugs (no photo)
1x20x40 lbs
2x15x45 lbs
1x15x50 lbs

Neck machine
4x20x30 lbs

This pretty much rounded out my day, I did find time in between to wash my new car, and get to work for a few hours, been off for awhile now, just wanted to make sure there were no surprises waiting on me Monday morning.


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