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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Time to get serious about this fitness thing... 

Time to dust off the old My Fitness Pal APP and start tracking everything. I was reading a post by my buddy Kellye Smith the other day, it was about the relationship between your body and the scale. It was a great little post, truth is I think that has been my problem lately... I have been relying to much on a # on the scale. I for one should know better than that, so it just goes to show anyone can fall into that trap, a trap that will ruin your Gainzzz. 

Tomorrow I will start tracking everything I eat on My Fitness Pal.  My macro's will be (see photo below) :

for the first week, then instead of relying on the scales I'm going to go by instinct.  A quick example would be...

If I'm feeling very tired, I will increase my carbs.
if I'm losing or gaining weight to fast or slow, I'll lower or raise my calories...  and so on.

I'll still keep posting my weight daily on this blog so you can follow along if you want.

Ok time for a funny story, the wife finished food prep for the next few days. 

Lean 96/4 hamburger meat

Brown and white rice

Black beans

Lots of grilled chicken

And last but not least 4 large turkey patties

She left them on the counter to cool (this is where the funny story comes in) went back to put them up and they were gone!!! 

Mystery solved...

Very happy and well fed lab puppy!!!

Puppy ate all my Gainzzzz!!!


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